Greet the guest, we’ll do the rest

VisitorEntry welcomes you to in a new world of secure and faultless visitor management system app just without any time consuming and a traditional entry book.

When you replace your traditional entry book with our customizable visitor registration Android app, we keep the record of visitor’s information, so you can concentrate to greet the visitor with more sole experience.

Welcome Visitors

VisitorEntry's visitor access control system avoids annoyance at the reception and allows the visitor to freely enter information about the purpose of visiting by using the required field, automatic photo capturing feature that optimizes happiness.

Welcome unlimited visitors, Visitor registration app works for your office whether you have one or hundreds of visitors per day, automatically notify hosts when their guests arrive to easily know the visitor and make them feel welcome.

Security, symmetrical

At VisitorEntry, we are paranoid about keeps visitor information confidential unlike traditional entry books. VisitorEntry is created to enhance the security of any integrated security system. With the some special features like required contact fields, automatic photo capturing feature, one can easily be aware that who is in the campus/building.

Never Lose Momentum

Assume eliminating traditional and manual work that makes you less efficient, we have automated photo taking, and visitor’s information storage, so you’ll never spend more time on search for an employee. With VisitorEntry hosts are notified automatically when your visitor arrives.