Manage records from web dashboard

As the VisitorEntry customer, you will use the instinctive and powerful web dashboard to manage visitors’ data, configure account settings and import employees’ contact.
With the calendar view of the dashboard, you can see and manage past and present visitors. Alternatively, you can export a convenient CSV spreadsheet data of visitors with one click.
Since the dashboard is compatible with mobile phones, you can access your phone, tablet or iPad to manage a visitor management account for visitors to evacuate in case of emergency.

Complete Overview of All Visitors

There are countless reasons why it’s useful to know who has visited your building and who’s in it right now as this information helps you to enhance security. With VisitorEntry, you get a complete and detailed overview of everyone that visits your premises. You can tell at a glance who is visiting, when they arrived, when they departed, who they came to see and also with automatic photo capturing feature one can be easily aware that who is in the building.

Visitor Self Registration

Your visitor signs in on system them selves when they arrive rather than standing in a queue at reception. They simply need to enter their name, phone number, purpose of visit and name of the concerned person/department they want to meet. You’ll be automatically notified by email and message as soon as they complete their registration and also reception staffs are free to help other people. complete their registration and also reception staffs are free to help other people.

Precise & Professional

It ensures the correct spellings of visitors names and makes the initial impression of your organization look much more professional and efficient.

Sign in unlimited visitors

With no cap on the number of visitors VisitorEntry will work for your office/apartment whether you have one or hundreds of visitors per day.

Automatic Re-Registration

If you have a frequent visitor, they don’t need to fill all the details again they can easily re-register themselves, just by entering mobile number. VisitorEntry remembers them.

Automatic Host Notification

The moment your visitors register their arrival, you’ll be automatically notified by email and message to your cell. This puts an end to reception staff, which is required to call you and also saves the time and frustration if you’re not at your desk. Wherever you are in the building or even if you’re not in the building you’ll know your visitor has arrived so you’ll be able to meet them promptly and professionally.

Reduce Reception Workload

A receptionist’s work is never done so here’s a way you can remove the burden of asking visitors to do their entry in a logbook. With VisitorEntry, your receptionists can view every visitor in receptionist web dashboard, when they’re arriving, who they’re coming to see and when they are departing.

Create multiple locations

Have offices in different locations? No problem. You can manage multiple locations under one account. Also, you can assign a “location admin” to each office for on-site management.

Use your data to our secure cloud

With VisitorEntry, your visitors’record, account settings are all stored on our secure cloud, so that your data is safe, convenient and easily accessible.

You can easily access VisitorEntry from anywhere at any time, so it is ideal for centrally manage multiple offices from one company account.

Confidentiality of information

At VisitorEntry, we are paranoid about keeping visitor information confidential unlike in traditional entry books. In VisitorEntry we use every possible measure to keep one’s information confidential & private.

Residential Security

Apart from using it in Companies, Factories this visitor Entry system can be of immense help in residential buildings/Apartments where visitors are forced to follow conventional method of doing entry in registers. This practice is time taking and also after a certain period of time one cannot keep a track of all visitors. By using VisitorEntry's visitor entry management system software one can assure a high level of security as the moment your visitors register their arrival, you’ll be automatically notified by email and message to your cell which will let you know in advance who is coming at your house. Also, there is an advanced feature in VisitorEntry with the help of which guard can easily capture a photo of outside vehicles which are coming in the premises which can be used whenever required.